Farm To School

REAP's Farm to School program brings fresh, local, sustainably produced food to children,
establishes reliable markets for local farms using sustainable agriculture practices,
and provides hands-on education in Madison classrooms.
Teaching The Next Generation of Eaters
REAP’s Farm to School Snack Program brings locally grown fruit or veggie snacks to over 300 classrooms at 11 Madison elementary schools. In our lessons, students learn about nutrition, food systems, sustainability, farming and more. The Chef in the Classroom Program in middle and high schools teaches students how to cook with farm fresh ingredients alongside top Madison chefs.
The MMSD Farm to School Project is a partnership between REAP and the Madison Metropolitan School District to source food directly from local farms for school meals. Another part of the project is garden bar installation, which encourages fruit and vegetable consumption and reduces food waste. The project inspires new recipes for school lunch that are developed around local, seasonal ingredients.

Our work does not end in the classroom and cafeteria. REAP leads lessons at community centers, attends events and conducts taste tests in the community. During the summer, REAP provides free meals and education activities at parks to kids and families.

REAP’s Farm to School Snack Program purchases thousands of pounds of local fruits and vegetables from over 20 sustainable farms located within 100 miles of Madison. Growers participate in “Farmer in the Classroom” so kids can meet the people who grow their food.
By The Numbers
thousand pounds of local fruits and vegetables served in MMSD school meals last school year
students taught during food, nutrition and agriculture lessons in 2018-19
Students served local snacks in Madison schools
Madison public schools in the Farm to School Project
Are you an educator looking for farm to school lessons, to-go kits, handouts and more?
REAP’s Farm to School team includes our Program Director and Education Coordinator. We are lucky to have four half-time Farm to School AmeriCorps Nutrition Education members provide the majority of our hands-on classroom education.  We also have summer interns and many dedicated volunteers helping us engage the students and families of Madison.
Bronte Adamson_web
Brontë Adamson
Brontë is the lead Farm to School AmeriCorps educator at Leopold, Falk and Orchard Ridge elementary schools. Her focus area is after-school garden club at Cherokee Middle School as well as communications.
Leah Cooke_web
Leah Cooke
Leah is the lead Farm to School AmeriCorps educator at Sandburg, Hawthorne and Schenk elementary schools. She also plays a key role in the Chef in the Classroom program at East High School.
Patty Muether_web
Patty Muether
Patty is the lead Farm to School AmeriCorps educator at Allis, Glendale and Lincoln elementary schools. Her focus area is the Snack Program and communications.
Tessa Cushman_web
Tessa Cushman
Tessa is the lead Farm to School AmeriCorps educator at Lindbergh, Lakeview and Mendota elementary schools. She is the REAP Farm to School lead at Bayview Foundation’s after-school cooking program for first and second grade.