Farm Fresh Atlas: Where to Find It In Madison

The Farm Fresh Atlas™ of Southern Wisconsin lists farms, businesses, organizations, restaurants, and farmers’ markets that sell food directly to customers. It’s your link to great-tasting food grown close to home!

There are three ways to access the Farm Fresh Atlas™ of Southern Wisconsin:

  • Online at
  • View and/or download the print version by clicking here
  • Find a copy of the print version at one of the sites listed below


Find the Farm Fresh Atlas here:

Willy Street Co-op North

Willy Street Co-op East

Willy Street Co-op West

Metcalfe’s – Hilldale

Metcalfe’s – West

Memorial Union

REAP Food Group

Viroqua Food Co-op

Public Libraries in the following systems:

Southern WI Library System

Arrowhead Library System

Winding Rivers Library System

Southwest Public Library System

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