REAP Food Group, Farm Fresh Atlas™ of Wisconsin Launch Bilingual Educational Campaign

MADISON, WI – REAP Food Group and graphic designer Emily Julka were awarded a $22,276 grant from the Ideas that Matter Program to create complementary resources to the Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas aimed at reaching families that face historical and institutional barriers to fresh food.

The Farm Fresh Atlas, which began as a regional guide in southern Wisconsin, is a network of six regional print editions and an online statewide collaborative resource to find farm-fresh foods wherever you go. The Farm Fresh Atlas makes it easy to buy directly from the farmers, farmers markets, retail shops and restaurants that feature farm-fresh selections in Wisconsin.

With the support of the Sappi Ideas that Matter Grant Program, REAP Food Group and graphic designer Emily Julka will lead the statewide Farm Fresh Atlas Network as they launch a new resource campaign. ‘Growing Healthy Together’ will provide information in English and Spanish aimed at reducing health inequities of Wisconsin residents. “Latinx families face institutional and historical barriers to fresh seasonal, healthy food and are disproportionately impacted by chronic disease,” says Helen Sarakinos, REAP Food Group Executive Director. “A bilingual, culturally-relevant resource that will focus on affordability and sustainability of seasonal Wisconsin-grown food is a small step to make information and fresh healthy food more accessible.” Targeted outreach will include agencies and offices that connect residents to food assistance programs including WIC, SNAP and Farmers Market Nutrition Programs, fruit and vegetable incentive programs including Double Dollars programs, and fruit and vegetable prescriptions.

“The heart of this campaign is to strengthen connections between eaters and those who grow their food, and celebrate eating local as an act of community building and wellness for all Wisconsinites,” continued Sarakinos.

“I’m delighted SAPPI has awarded us funding to get this project off the ground –  as a designer, I’m thrilled to see issues of public health, food equity and accessibility being prioritized and highlighted as areas that deserve quality design,” says Julka. Ideas that Matter supports graphic designers who partner with organizations to make a difference through creative design solutions. Over the past 20 years, they have awarded $13 million in grants to assist more than 500 causes and charities.

***Farm Fresh Atlas is a trademark of REAP Food Group, Inc., used with permission by grassroots coalitions throughout Wisconsin to produce: Farm Fresh Atlas of Eastern Wisconsin, Western Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas, Farm Fresh Atlas of Southeastern Wisconsin, Northwoods Farm Fresh Atlas, Southern Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas, and Central Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas. The Farm Fresh Atlas was created in 2002 by REAP Food Group, a nonprofit located in Madison, Wisconsin, to promote sustainable, local food producers in southern Wisconsin.

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