Madison Locally Sourced Article

REAP’s Farm to School Director, Allison Pfaff Harris, recently shared an article in Madison Locally Sourced sharing the evolution of the Farm to School program over the past 25 years, and particularly since the onset of the COVID pandemic.

As Allison explains, the pandemic-induced pause in on-site programming gave REAP an opportunity to reassess and reimagine its role in the farm to school movement:

From educators, farmers, and producers alike, we heard the importance of uplifting and connecting the diverse voices of agriculture to students in the classroom and for students to both see and envision themselves shaping communities through careers in agriculture and local food…REAP considered the importance of relationships and supporting each other and other organizations in its mission to build caring, thriving communities. From listening and reflection, education and advocacy emerged as priorities to reshape REAP’s Farm to School program. 

Allison Pfaff Harris

Fast forward to 2023, REAP has emerged as an active partner and leader in initiatives from service learning projects in MMSD schools to the Healthy School Meals for All Coalition of WI.

Read the full article to learn more about REAP and Allison’s work!

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