REAP Food Group fiscal sponsor of DCFC

April, 2023

The Dane County Food Collective (DCFC), established in 2022, aims to create a stronger food system in Dane County. Composed of service industry workers, farmers, nonprofit organizations, and community members, DCFC “works for the betterment of our local food system through advocacy, resource-sharing, health and wellness efforts, and collective action.”

This month REAP Food Group shows its support for DCFC by becoming its fiscal sponsor. Fiscal sponsorship allows DCFC to build its mission and organization structure from the ground up, while accessing resources available to nonprofits, like tax deductible donations and grant funding. 

REAP Executive Director, Phil Kauth explains, “When REAP was approached to be a fiscal sponsor for [DCFC], I was excited about the potential for collaboration. DCFC’s network of chefs and food entrepreneurs are passionate about changing the food system, which aligns with REAP’s mission. We are excited about collaborating on hosting events and the potential for advocacy to change policies affecting the food system, [and] looking forward to working together and learning from each other.” 

REAP team member and DCFC organizer Noah Bloedorn adds, “The strength of DCFC is that it is member-led and nimble, having REAP as a fiscal sponsor provides us with organizational support that allows us to raise funds, apply for grants, and provides us with administrative oversight without requiring DCFC to employ additional staff or have a board (which would take time and resources away from focusing on programming).”

Learn more about DCFC below, and visit @danecountyfoodcollective on Instagram to learn how to get involved in the last few days of Wellness Weeks.

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